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(Welcome) E komo mai 
to the Magical and Wonderful World of the
Rare Breed Coton de Tulear!

You can see the new puppies photos & videos on our Facebook page:
Hawaii Coton Club.  Please come and join in the fun!  Everyone here loves to share 
pictures, parties, funny antics, new salon visits and all sorts of exciting things regarding our favorite breed,
the Rare Coton de Tulear.

We are expecting Rose and McDreamy (Dylan) to have their litter around March 10.  Rose is our smallest girl at 9 1/2 pounds with an all white coat.  She is very spunky, playful, highly intelligent and cuddly.  Her DNA tests have all been clear.  Dylan is more laid back with a very loving personality.  He also has an all white coat.  
Pictures will be coming soon!

Now, just a quick introduction:  My husband and I were the first Code of Ethics Breeders  (COE) since 2007 of this beautiful white fluffy dog in Hawaii, nicknamed the Coton (French pronunciation: Coe-tone) for the Coton de Tulear.  Coton is French for the name "Cotton."  Tulear is a Port in Madagascar.  Their hair is billowy and hypoallergenic. We belonged to the American Coton Club for many years as Code of Ethics (COE) Breeders.  You can find our Cotons health records on OFFA.  Though we are no longer with the AC Club, we continue with our goal of having the healthiest, happiest Coton Breed ever. We are now registered with United Kennel Club (UKC). Our pedigrees go back to the Madagascar lineage.  We pride ourselves that our Pedigrees conform to the French Conformation; aka FCI Standards found on:  
Our dogs 
have been with our Veterinarian in Hawaii for over a decade.  We also have a wonderful Veterinarian in Central Washington.  Both have can be contacted with ease. 
Feel free to call us at any time.  
Our home phone number is: (808) 963-5205.  
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us.  We look forward to hearing from you.  
(Until we meet again) A hui hou.

Our off-spring Coton puppies lead very interesting and exciting lives!  Four puppies moved to Australia in the summer of 2013. One of our pups lives in Hong Kong, one is with the Vice President of NBC, another is with the Secretary to the Speaker of the House in Hawaii, one puppy resides with the Master at a Buddhist Monastery in Hawaii, two are with an Venture Capitalist in Kauai with whom also have young twins, and another sweet puppy lives in Washington.  Other puppies have grown-up to be mascots establishments, such as an Art Gallery in Maui, a Jewelry Store and Plastic Company in Honolulu.  The Cotons are very lucky little dogs that get to travel the world and bring happiness to all they meet.

Emerald and Dylan's last litter of three girls:

Shania and Kobi's last litter of 4 boys: 

The puppies above are now in their new homes.  The two boys that we have available will be the last litter of Emerald and Dylan. This couple, Emerald and Dylan, have been so loved. When Emerald, aka Emmie, came into her heat, Dylan only had eyes for her, even though we had another female in heat.  He has faithfully stayed by her side and won't let any of our pack see his babies without his permission.  True love, these two.  I have never seen dogs being so faithful to one another.  Emmie wants to be a Grandma now and will be retiring, spending her time wandering around our grounds and chasing butterflies and geckos.  She is such a silly and beautiful girl.  

Below is a
n wonderful email we received from a former owner of one of Dylan and Emerald's litter:
"Last night, after he got used to the crate (i.e. not letting him leave after he tried 3 times), 
he just laid down and put himself to sleep around 8:30.  He didn't whine or cry or bark.  
He would look up when he heard a noise but would put his head right back down and 
go back to sleep.  I have both a dropcam (video camera that I can see from my iPhone) 
set up for when I'm at work and am using a baby monitor so I can hear him from my room. 
I thought I'd need to sleep in the kitchen with him, but after checking on him for the first 
few hours, he seemed perfectly fine.  At 2am, I heard some noises so I got up and checked 
on him.  He was quietly eating the kibble I left out for him since he didn't eat much for dinner.  
No crying, no whining, no barking.  He seemed wide awake though.  I stayed up with him for 
about an hour, then put him in the crate and he went to sleep.  At 5 am he howled because 
he was looking for his pack.  When I got up to check him, he had pooped and peed on the 
pad!  Amazing!  Later that morning, I took him out of the pen and he started to whine a little, 
then I turned around and he pooped on the tile floor because he didn't have access to his pad.  
Oops, my bad.  I have to say, he is amazingly smart.  We also love his mellow, friendly, affectionate, temperament.  He's the perfect dog and I can't believe that he's only 10 weeks old!  
He acts like an adult dog!  
Thank you so much for taking such wonderful care of him.  I can tell he is a very balanced and calm 
dog and it's exactly what I wanted and dreamed about.  My kids are so excited and love him so much!  
My husband is amazed and can't believe how well behaved and adorable he is.  
I've made an appointment next week Friday for his round 2 of shots.  Until he's fully vaccinated, he will
be a house puppy and will not set foot on any outside surface another dog may have touched.  

I am so grateful to have found you both!  Thank you Emerald and Dylan!"  

Cotons love all seasons and climates,  

from romping across a grassy field, 

to nuzzling the freshly fallen snow...

Cotons are happy where ever they go!

We are pleased to introduce you to the Rare Coton de Tuléar purebred dog whose ancestry began in the Port of Tulear, Madagasgar.  Legend has it that the dogs swam ashore from a sinking pirate ship and mated with the Tennifer in the Port of Tulear, Madagasgar.  The Madagasgar Royalty fell in love with this sturdy small rare breed and declared that only Royalty could own them.  The French came to the Port and adored their beauty, intelligence and spunky personalities, happily nicknamed them "Petit Marionette".   The name 'Coton' is French for cotton which describes their
medium- to long-hair, fluffy, cotton-like coat that is hair rather than fur.  Since they are a non-shedding breed with low dander they are hypoallergenic and is one of the best breeds for people with allergies.

My husband and I are the first to breed Coton dogs on the Big Island of Hawaii.  In fact, we are the only Coton de Tulear breeders in the Hawaiian Islands.  

It takes approximately 10 months to have a puppy sent from the Mainland to Hawaii.  The process is very comprehensive and extremely costly.  This is due to Hawaii's "Rabies Free" quarantine regulations.  Incidentlally, traveling with your dog back to the Mainland from Hawaii is very easy.  Here is your chance to bond with a Coton puppy of your own.  To buy a registered puppy from us, feel free to call or email for more information.

Our goal is to continue the happy and healthy lineage of the Coton de Tuléar.  Our Cotons have been OFA tested for heart and patellas, eyes CERFed by an Opthalmologist.  They blood panels every two years, including their thyroid and have had all their vaccinations up-to-date .

                           SANDCASTLE COTON de TULEAR:

McDreamy (Dylan) of Tara at Sandcastle Coton de Tulear, born December 14, 2006
TiaCotons White Knight (Kobi) at Sandcastle Coton de Tulear, born October 25, 2009
TiaCotons Emerald at Sandcastle Coton de Tulear, born June 4, 2010
Rose of Sandcastle Cotons, born 
December 09, 2011
Sandy of Sandcastle Cotons, born June 15, 2012
Vanilla Creme of Sandcastle Cotons, born December 20, 2013

Dylan, Melanie (Retired) and Shania (Retired).

Sweet Emerald.  Her green paws after playing in the freshly cut grass!

Relaxing after trail hiking.

Five days of boating and camping up Lake Chelan, Washington State.  We were ready for a swim!

Indeed, can you imagine your life without your Coton de Tulear by your side?

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