Coton de Tulear


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Cotons and Us

Coton de Tulear (English pronunciation is Cah-Tawn de Too-Lee air, French pronunciation is Cah-tohn deh Tu-lay-ahr)  is an extremely rare, ancient purebred.  Developed in Madagascar, an island off the coast of Africa, they were favored by royal families.  Coton is French for "cotton," referring to the texture of the coat which is white, soft and cottony, while Tulear is the trading port where their ancestors were first introduced.  The Coton is called "The Royal Dog of Madagascar", and has a postage stamp in their honor

Cotons are non-shedding and seldom bother people with allergies.  They do not need to be clipped, unless you opt to keep your Coton in a shorter hairstyle. They enjoy daily brushing.  If you plan on showing your Coton, the standard requires them to have long hair.

The Coton breed standard follows the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI).  The Coton stands about a foot from the withers and is about a third longer than tall. The female normally weighs no more than 10 pounds, the male no more than 14 pounds.  In France, they are called "petite marionette" (little puppet) owing to their brilliant liveliness.  In fact, they are best known for their happy temperament.  A friendly, clownish, alert, extremely intelligent and inquisitive companion, they quickly bond with their family.  They are both boisterous and calm, zooming around the yard to play, then snuggling in your lap to snooze.  They are happy to alert you when someone is at the door, but are not at all yappy. 

Cotons are sturdy, resilient and love to play in the rain, snow or at the beach. Though they love romping in the yard, they are still an inside dog.  Their coat dries very quickly when wet.  They enjoy swimming, chasing balls, and like a cat, are very dexterous with their paws, batting under furniture to get a toy.  Their life span is sixteen to nineteen years, are very healthy and have few genetic defects. 

Our dogs have yearly blood panels and are screened and cleared for luxating patella and cardiac.  Their eyes are cleared by the Canine Eye Registry Foundation (CERF) and the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.  You can find the health results for our Cotons here:  

We chose the name SANDCASTLE COTONS as our residences are in Hawaii and Washington, where one house is on a cliff overlooking the ocean, the other viewing beautiful Lake Chelan.  Now, how did we get involved with these lovable little dogs?  Marilyn, upon moving to Hawaii, decided it was time to have the puppy she always wanted.
Ed thought it imposible to find the puppy of her dreams because her criteria for our new familymember was long.  Yet Marilyn was determined and so began the search for our new puppy.  The list included finding a breed that had an excellent health history, long life span, would be naturally friendly with children, adults and other animals, and have a happy-go-lucky temperament.  Since we travel a lot, we had to have a small but hearty dog, that was content to settle down and enjoy the ride.  Marilyn also wanted a fluffy pooch, and Ed added... "who does not shed!"  The breed generally couldn't be yappy,  hyperactive or aggressive.  Also, she wanted him to be able to take long walks without tiring, enjoy running after balls, catch a frisbee, even take a swim  Last, but not least, be a cuddlebug.  This is how Marilyn found our wonderful Coton de Tulear dogs.  And Ed?  He couldn't be more smitten.  

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