Coton de Tulear


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New Owners Comments and Pictures

Ann and Scott's Wedding Photos with their new family member (How sweet is this!)

Beautiful Bride

Mochi & Mika (sisters) sitting next to Casper & Bailey (brothers)

during a 'Get Together Play Day'

Rebekah picking up her puppy at the airport.  Her son and daughter knew they were getting a puppy, just not sure when...


It has been like a movie.  I told you that my children did not know where I was at 5 in the morning and when they came home from school he was asleep on my blanket with me on the couch.  At first my son did not even see him (for the blanket was a fur blanket from Pottery Barn which he loves so much  :)  )  and then he moved and my son Brody who will be 11 in December started to cry just a little and said, "Thank you, mommy -- thank you, mommy!"  My daughter Chloe then came in and she saw him and started to grab her face and say "But mommy, how is he here?  Thank you, mommy!"  My husband Chris can't get over him either.  WE are all in love and care for him like he is our new baby.  I will send pics too.  I have been sending camera photos to my family back home but they are not as good.  I still have not received his brushes so I hope they arrive soon.  But he is doing fabulous and we love him so much.  Oh, and his name?  Well, the kids like Buddy.  They say he is their little buddy.  :)  So know that you and Ed have made a family very happy.  I am taking him to our vet on Tues for a check out, and get all my info for him.  :) 

I will keep you posted.



 Buddy is 6 months old in this email:

Hi Marilyn,

I wanted to give you an update on Buddy.  Buddy is awesome!  He loves to wake my children every morning.  It is like his job, every morning he waits for me to say "Buddy lets get the kids" and he takes off running for the door that goes into their rooms.   My children call him their little brother.  My son accidentally stepped on him a while back and you would have thought he had kicked him horribly, meaning my sons behavior.  He cried and cried and was so scared that Buddy was hurt. He was not hurt even a little bit.  Buddy fits into our lives perfectly.  We take him to soccer games, car rides and always when we visit my sister on the
North Shore.  Remember she has a Old English Sheep Dog? You would think that they were from the same family.  They sleep together and chase each other around.  It is amazing seeing a 100 pound dog and a 9 pound dog play together beautifully.  Oh Marilyn, I cannot begin to tell you that Buddy was so worth the wait.  He is also completely house trained which was a breeze by the way.  And he is just perfect.  Can you tell we are so in love with him.  I lost my camera or I would send you a picture of him.  He is so BEAUTIFUL!!!!  I am so mad at losing my camera and I will have to replace it soon.  My daughter Chloe's birthday is coming up in 2 1/2 weeks so I have to do something fast!  

My family loves him as well.  My sister from
Tennessee came out In November and she does not care for dogs that much.   She has a red Persian kitty. But Marilyn, she wanted to take Buddy home with her!  She wanted Buddy to sleep with her.  He just melts everyone's heart.  :)  Are you laughing at me.... ????? OH my, I could so get into talking about my dog.  hahaha  Just be reassured that Buddy is in a loving home who gets treated better than the rest of us. hahahaha  He IS ALWAYS SO HAPPY. That is why I fell in love with the breed almost 3 years ago.  :)  No matter if he just saw me 10 minutes ago he acts like he has not seen me in a week.  I love him...  :)  I hope this email gives a hint of the love we have for our dog Buddy. 


Another puppy leaves the nest...

Yianna came all the way from Seattle to Hawaii for her puppy.   Yianna is getting her Masters in Civil Engineering in Washington and will be back home in Hong Kong when she graduates, with her Coton and Pug in tow.  We hear that the "pack" gets along famously!

  Litter born February 23, 2009 from Mellie and Dylan:

"Willow" went to her new home on the Big Island of Hawaii to join Harold, Cindy and their 3 year-old pooch named Sadie.  We hear that Harold is acting like a kid with his new pup (but don't tell him that we told you so!).  Willow is a perfect match for her new pack and all are settling in.  We couldn't be happier for them!

"Miya" (below) left the following morning to go on her 1st plane ride for Honolulu with her new mom, Claire.  Miya seemed to enjoy the flight and even enjoy Claire and Dwight's family even more!  Another Coton de Tulear named Coco comes and stays with them every weekend.  What fun for the family! 

Miya Min Family Pictures.  Even though the Min's sons are away at school,  we had a fun time visiting.  Miya (sometimes called Mimi) was born February 23, 2009, and here she is 9 months old! Cute pictures!!!